New Year’s Resolutions for Your Vehicle in 2021

We’ve all had that moment: a light on your dash appears or your vehicle starts making an unfamiliar noise, and you think, “How long can I ignore this for?”

In actuality, these are red flags you shouldn’t be ignoring it at all. 

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make changes, and now is the time to start committing to New Year’s resolutions around your vehicle so you can start tackling the situations you’ve been avoiding head-on. In this post, were going to share our top 3 vehicle resolutions for 2021.  

Regular Oil Changes

There are many reasons why you should perform oil changes. Fresh, quality oil keeps engines lubricated. When our vehicles do not have enough or the correct amount of oil, engine parts can come into contact with each other and create damage that could be costly to repair. An oil change also removes any dirt and contaminants that made their way into the oil. When dirt and contaminants are in your engine’s oil, it is difficult for the pistons to pump and decreases the engine power and fuel efficiency. Fresh oil helps the engine produce the power necessary to move the car with ease at the highest fuel economy. Check your vehicle’s owner manual or consult your local mechanic for your oil maintenance schedule.

Tire Alignment Checks and Tire Rotation 

Having your tires aligned helps to create a safer and smoother ride for your vehicle. Tire alignment can also contribute to a longer lifespan for your vehicle. When the tires of your vehicle are misaligned, your steering wheel is likely going to vibrate, which puts a strain on your vehicle’s suspension and creates an unsafe driving experience. When your tires are aligned, there is less concern for unsafe driving and stress on your vehicle’s suspension.

Seasonal Cleaning

As the seasons change, the dirt, germs, and contaminants you bring into your vehicle change as well. Since most drivers spend large amounts of their time in their vehicles, seasonal cleaning helps you keep your interior and exterior clean and helps to keep you healthy. If you need some tips on cleaning your vehicle, check out our blog post on cleaning your vehicle.

There you have it, our top three 2021 New Year’s resolutions for your vehicle. We hope this post helps inspire your 2021 vehicle resolutions.


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