Exhilarating Exotics For Sale Near You

You never know what will be listed on Copart.ca. While Copart started selling damaged vehicles for parts, we’ve grown into a place with some nice cars for some very nice prices. An increasing amount of our customers are finding their daily drivers on Copart.ca, but we’re also seeing a growing number of exotics in good condition that sell for way less than a new model would. What do we mean by exotics? Well, let’s look at a few coming up for auction soon.

Ferrari 2011 California

It’s a Ferrari, and a hard top convertible. Do you need to know anything else? Maybe we’ll just share a few pictures that made us smile and drool, too. We do find it amusing that this California is in Canada.

2007 Bentley Continental GT

Anything sounds classier when you say it with a British accent. The same holds true for automobiles with distinctly British accents, like this 2007 Bentley Continental. This car just looks refined and elegant, and imparts those perceptions to the person driving it or being driving in it. It needs a little body work, but if you have the skills or a resource that can do the job, you can get a high-class ride at a huge discount.

2014 Aston Martin Rapide

Speaking of British accents, its name is Martin. Aston Martin. This British exotic sports car comes with a 5.9 liter 12-cylinder engine (In case 8 just aren’t enough for you.) and cranks out an impressive 550 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. It’s meant to get you places fast and in luxurious comfort. It even has rear bucket seats. But if you want smoke screens, oil slicks, or ejection seats, you’ll have to talk to Q after you place your winning bid.

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

Let’s swing over to Italian things. Our next exotic is as flashy as it is fast. This Gallardo has the legendary low ground clearance of the entire Lamborghini family. Its 5.0 liter V10 sits behind you and pushes you toward exhilaration with 493 horsepower and 375 lb-ft or torque. Imagine driving this baby through mountain curves, hugging the edge of the road as you drive faster and faster. All you have to do to make that daydream a reality is to make the winning bid.

What’s Next

These are just a few of the exotics that we have right now. New vehicles arrive every day. We see classics, lost treasures, and even cars of near myth and legend. If there is something specific you’ve always wanted, set up a Vehicle Alert and we’ll notify you when it arrives. If one of these automobiles is your must have, add it to Watch List. And when you decide it’s time to upgrade your ride, don’t forget to check and see what Copart.ca has to offer.

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