Bidding on an Auto Auction? Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s time for a crash course in auto auctions. Our goal here is to simplify the process; we will be talking about how to find the vehicle you’re looking for as well as where to shop. Now, this is tricky… we’re going to try and be as objective as possible even though in our opinion Copart Canada auto auctions are better than our competitors.

Here we go!

What You Should Know Before Bidding on an Auto Auction

There’s a well-known, not so secret, secret you need to know before winning your vehicle for an amazing price—know what you’re getting!  Now, you may have read that and thought “that’s a pretty simple statement” but unfortunately, some buyers do not have a complete idea of a vehicle’s condition before bidding.

How to Know what you are Bidding on

When deciding on what auction platform to use, one of the things we recommend looking for is a detailed vehicle description. Whether the platform offers an official vehicle report or an extensive description of any damage, it’s important for you to make your bidding and buying decision based more than just pictures.


Just like your selfies, it’s all about angles. The most commonly used angle is the front of the car, and it’s important! However, you also want an image of the back and sides along with at least one, if not more, of the vehicles interior. Having these images will give you an indication of the vehicle’s condition from an aesthetic point of view, but you need to be aware that there is always the possibility of a mechanical issue. Mechanical issues aren’t shown though photos, which is why we recommend you use an auction platform that offers a detailed vehicle description or report, as they are more reliable than pictures.  

Read the Reviews but Also Do Your Research

Simply put, you need to know who you are doing business with. It’s important to look at buyer reviews and to do your own research on a company. It’s also important to keep in mind that people are more inclined to leave a negative review than a positive one.

A great tip we have for assessing the legitimacy of an automotive auction is to look at how long they have been in business for. If they have been in business for a long time, they are likely doing something right!

Like we said at the beginning of this crash course, auto auctions are a great option for getting vehicles at cheaper price, but the big secret to a positive experience is to know what you’re bidding on before you bid. If you’re feeling ready to get the most out of your auto auction experience, go ahead and dive in! Check out what vehicles we have for sale on

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