How to Protect Your Vehicle in Winter Weather

It’s no secret Canadians face unique challenges in the winter months. Winter weather prep can be both a hassle and damaging to your vehicle. As salt trucks start to hit the streets to make driving safer for all, there are things Canadians can do at home to protect their own vehicles from the negative effects of these snow and ice deterrents. These deterrents include salt mixtures that are sprayed onto roads to aid vehicle traction, as well as various liquid anti-icers and de-icers.

So why should our members worry about these chemicals?

Well to start, salt is corrosive, this means that it can eat through your cars paint over time! Our guess is that you have probably seen vehicles on the roadway with paint peeling off and likely silently judged the driver of that vehicle for their poor maintenance skills. It’s true, nobody wants to be that person, but there is more than just embarrassment at stake here.

Did you know that salt and chemicals can also cause extensive damage to your vehicle that you cannot see?  Ice prep solutions sprayed on roadways can cause a host of car problems, such as leaks in the hydraulic brake systems, rust that rots away at the car’s exhaust, muffler systems, and coil springs which leads to extensive subframe damage! Unfortunately these are serious and sometimes costly problems!

Here are some things you can do to prevent the effects of chemical erosion on your vehicle:

After driving in the snow and ice, treat your car to a thorough “under-spray”.

The key is to wash off the corrosive materials that are caked onto your car’s undercarriage. Our recommendation is to visit a car wash with a good undercarriage cleaning system/service. You can also do this at home if you own an undercarriage cleaning wand. If you are looking to invest in one, there are many inexpensive and easy to use options. We found a great example of one here.

The next thing you will need is a good paint sealant and protectant.

There are several great products on the market for shielding your paint from salt and de-icers. Whether you are looking for a car cover or a product to apply directly to your car’s paint, we have a few good recommendations.

A car cover is a great way to protect your vehicle while its parked on your street or driveway during the winter weather. Car covers come in all shapes and sizes depending on your vehicle make and model.  However, if you are looking for something easy that will last all season and protect you on the go, try a paint coating.

We recommend using paint coatings over paint sealants because coatings last longer than your typical paint sealant. Paint coatings can be applied to your entire vehicle exterior, not just the paint! Coatings can be applied to the glass, headlights, and the trim! Good examples of these products include: Wolfgang Über Ceramic Coating, and Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Coating, available on Amazon and at other auto product retailers. These products will give you up to 3 years of protection against environmental corrosion and are well worth the investment!

Copart Canada wants every member to have the best resources and information available, not just when making buying decisions in our auto auctions, but during the entire lifespan of their vehicles. We hope that everyone stays safe out on the roads, and we are here to help with advice and resources every step of the way!

Did you know?

Keeping kitty litter in your vehicle will absorb moisture and helps prevent windshield fog! Give this a try and let us know if it works for you!

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