Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast in your Life

The Holidays are right around the corner! And we at Copart want to help you pick the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in your life.

A Dash Camera

Unfortunately, accidents happen on the road, and capturing the incident on camera can help to resolve matters with ease. Pick yours up at a local automotive retailer or browse the inventory on Amazon.

Hazard Kit 

If you follow you know we believe a roadside emergency kit is a must-have item for every vehicle. So, if someone you love doesn’t have one (or needs an upgrade) a hazard kit makes the perfect gift! Check out our previous blog on Building a Vehicle Emergency Kit for more tips & tricks on building a hazard kit!

Custom Door Lights 

Looking to add some fun into opening vehicle doors? Consider purchasing an LED projector door light. You can purchase lights that shine specific automotive brand logos, custom colors, or add your own logo. We believe these custom LED projector door lights will add some fun to your car enthusiast’s ride!

Car Wash Gift Card

A car wash gift card is a great gift for someone who spends time commuting, or someone who likes to keep their vehicle’s exterior squeaky clean. When you give someone a gift card to a car wash, you can choose from a variety of values to allow your recipient to decide what type of wash they would like. We suggest you stop by a local car wash and purchase a gift card.

Ps- Car washes are especially important in the winter weather. Learn why in our blog post: How to Protect your Vehicle in Winter Weather.  

Detailing Package

This gift is quick, easy, and sure to put a smile on your car enthusiasts face! Treat your car lover’s vehicle to a detail. Let’s face it – everyone loves a clean vehicle. Stop by your preferred automotive dealer and ask about their detailing packages or search for a traveling car detailer in a city near you!

While you’re looking at sprucing up a vehicle’s interior consider some features for the inside of their vehicle such as:

New Floor Mats 

New floor mats can drastically change the appearance of a vehicle’s interior. Floor mats are available at most automotive retailers or browse inventory on Amazon.  

Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel covers are a great way to change up the interior of your vehicle but there are also benefits to having one. Have you ever tried to hold a steering wheel after it’s baked in the sun all day? It’s not the nicest feeling. A cloth steering wheel cover will not retain heat the same way leather or vinyl does, so it won’t be as uncomfortable to touch. On the other side, during the coldest of temperatures, a cloth steering wheel cover will help to keep your hands warm when you aren’t wearing winter gloves. And let’s not forget that having a cover on your steering wheel will help to protect the original material. Steering wheel covers are available at most automotive retailers or you can browse inventory online.

Seat Covers

Vehicle seat covers can easily customize the interior of a vehicle to specific tastes with an array of designs available. Seat covers allow the vehicle owner to express their inner self and go as elegant, playful, or funky as they’d like, and don’t forget, seat covers can hide imperfections such as stains, faded or torn upholstery, and more! Seat covers are available at most automotive retailers but if you’re looking for something specific, we suggest browsing inventory online.

Air Fresheners

We all want to smell good, and whether it’s a gift or a stocking stuffer, you can’t go wrong with an air freshener or two. Air fresheners are widely available, you can find them at most gas stations, automotive and retail stores as well as online.

We hope our list of gift ideas gives you something for the car enthusiast in your life. On behalf of all Copart Canada, we wish you a Happy Holidays. We hope to see you and your vehicle enthusiasts browsing our inventory on this holiday season.

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