Show Your Vehicle Love this Valentine’s Day

Have you shown your vehicle any love lately? Our vehicles are constantly taking care of us, taking us from point A to B while keeping us warm or cool, and even entertained if we want. This Valentine’s Day reciprocate the love and treat your ride to some tender love and care.

Here are our top 5 ideas to show your vehicle love this Valentine’s Day:

Spruce up your vehicle

During the cold winter months we tend to neglect the cleanliness of our vehicles. Whether it be the interior mats covered in white, salty slush, or the car has salt sprayed up against the sides, our vehicles are not as clean as they should be. Good news…there are options for sprucing up your vehicle! You can take your vehicle to an indoor car wash for a detailing. You could also clean it yourself or drive through the quick touch and go.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to vacuum and toss out any garbage that might have built up since your last interior cleaning.

Get rid of unwanted odors in your vehicle

During the winter months, we do everything we can to keep the cold out and, more often than not, we keep our windows sealed. We lack that fresh air to take out the odor that lingers inside. So, this Valentine’s Day, freshen up your ride by getting your interior shampooed!

If you find your interior isn’t that bad but you still smell that damp winter odor, go out and get your vehicle a fresh air deodorizer or two! (It doesn’t need to be heart shaped, but we recommend it). Your car and everyone in it will thank you for the romantic crisp, clean smell.

Upgrade your car mats and seat covers

If you don’t have the time for a full car clean or you don’t think your vehicle needs it, throwing down a brand-new set of floor mats can upgrade the appearance! Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we suggest you try out mats that are red/pink and perhaps covered in hearts. You can find some valentine’s day themed mats here at Zazzle!

Quick tip: You can reuse themed mats every year, and if they’re plain red, save them for Christmas as well.

Pair your Valentine’s Day car mats with some matching Valentine’s Day seat covers! Seat covers not only look great, but they also provide protection from unwanted filth and dirt. If you have leather seats, they tend to be cold in the winter months, so in addition, seat covers can provide warmth.

Check your vehicle’s heart and fluids

Use this Valentine’s Day to ensure the proper internal TLC is happening! Take your vehicle in for an oil change, break inspection, engine tune-up, and wheel alignment, and don’t forget to top it off with some windshield wiper antifreeze! 

Dress up your vehicle

Finally, if you are a die hard Valentine’s Day lover, why not go all out and dress up your car? Throw in a strand of battery-operated warm-twinkle lights, and add some heart-shaped stickers to your windows and rose petals atop your dashboard.

We hope that you treat your vehicle to some tender love and care this Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a vehicle, consider browsing online car auction inventory on!  

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