Canada’s Top Selling Vehicles of 2020-2021

We are here to share Canada’s best-selling vehicles from 2020 to now. We’ve learned that bigger vehicles lead the pack because the bigger the better, right? Check out this article to see if your favorite crossover, SUV, or truck made the list of Canada’s best-selling vehicles:  

Toyota Corolla 

Coming in eighth, the Corolla is known for its modern features, great gas mileage and affordability.

The Honda CR-V 

The Honda CR-V is ranked seventh. The 2021 Honda CR-V comes standard with all-wheel drive, and a hybrid engine. We have a feeling this SUV will be moving up on the list next year!

Honda Civic 

Despite coming in sixth place for top sales, the Honda Civic is the overall most popular car in the country. The Honda Civic is likely to maintain its popularity position on the list, but it’s keeping an eye on the rearview mirror for the CR-V, which is rapidly catching up in the sales rankings. 

Chevrolet Silverado 

In 2020, Chevrolet broke the previous year’s sales records for Silverado’s. Holding strong in fifth place this truck is known for its dependability and space. Chevrolet saw some interesting sales trends with the Silverado as the light-duty model experienced a slight dip in sales towards the end of 2020 while the heavy-duty Silverado models experienced an increase.

The GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra 1500 has always been a customer favourite.  Many claim the GMC Sierra to be the ultimate example of strength, capability, and style, in a full-size pickup truck. These full-size trucks are ideal for towing trailers, summer and winter toys, and are extremely dependable during the cold winter months, which we have plenty of in Canada.

The Toyota RAV4 

The Toyota RAV4 comes in third place, with this make and model being the most popular SUV in Canada! The Toyota RAV4’s wide model range seems to be one of the most popular Toyota selections with the plug-in hybrids and hybrids attracting new buyers daily.

The Dodge Ram

It’s no wonder the Ram Pickup sits in second place since pickup truck models have proven to be the top selling vehicles in Canada for the last 54 years! The Ram line appears to have done well with an all-new 1500 model which was introduced in 2019.

The Ford F-Series 

The F-Series takes the top spot on our list of best-selling vehicles in Canada.  This accomplishment should come as no surprise since for over a decade the F-Series, including the F-150 and Super Duty models, has ranked as Canada’s best-selling vehicle! GO, F Series. GO! 

So that’s our list of the top-selling vehicles in Canada. Did your favourite vehicle make the list? Do you have a car you think deserves honourable mention? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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