How to keep your car cool this summer

It’s a hot summer, which we are not complaining about, but our cars may feel otherwise! Check this article to get some tips on keeping your vehicle nice and cool (Or at least less hot than the boiler room in hell.) this summer. 

Park Under Shade

The most common reason for cars to heat up during summer months is because most of us leave our vehicles in the direct sunlight. Not only can this cause great damage to your car’s body and paint, but it also heats up the interior. The best way to avoid this would be to park your vehicle in the garage, parking lot or even under a tree. Any type of enclosure will keep your car from becoming a heat magnet. 

Roll Down the Windows

We’re not recommending on leaving the windows all the way down all the time because you need to be concerned about security when you’re not in or around your vehicle. But if you find your vehicle is always hot, try leaving your window down just enough to ensure your car’s interior temperatures are maintained by outdoor circulation of air. If you are worried about theft, leave your car in sigh range and ensure your car alarm is working. If you’re just not a fan of the windows being cracked open, try the sunroof if you’ve got one. 

Cover Your Windshield

 On numerous occasions you’ve jumped into your car, started the engine and cranked the air up, only to get a full-blown heat wave to your face. This is because the car is not cool enough to produce any sort of cool air, and continues to make you hotter until the coolness kicks in. To avoid this, invest in a sunshade or window visor. It protects the car interiors from direct contact from the sun, and helps the glory of air conditioning fully engage fast. Check out this example we found. 

Cover the Steering Wheel

Nothing is worse then trying to navigate a car when the steering wheel feels like fire. To avoid this, cover your steering wheel with a small towel or get a cover that you can easily take off and on. This will keep the steering wheel from coming into direct contact with the sun and means you can comfortably grip it and steer your vehicle. 

Cover Those Leather Seats

Throw a towel or blanket on leather seats. You’ll appreciate it when you jump into your car with shorts on. It also keeps the leather material from discoloration. 

Pre-Cool your Car

We preheat our cars in the winter so why not practice the same routine in the summer? Let your car run for a few minutes with the AC on before you get in and drive off. Try this method out and thank us later! 

Tint your windows

Most of us get tint for privacy, but it also blocks out a portion of the sun’s radiation. This helps bring down the interior temperature. This may be the most expensive option, but it’s a two-for-one kind of solution.  

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