The Exotics of Canada

Canada offers many exotic wonders from snowcapped mountains to the northern lights. But such exotic views can also include cars. You never know what will show up at a Copart Canada auto auction. This month, we took a look around our Canadian yards and found some interesting vehicles not often seen on the road about the provinces and territories. 

2004 Bentley Continental GT 

A Bentley isn’t just exotic, it exudes class and sophistication. These cars are rare enough on our highways and byways, but a hot pink one is even rarer. This one has some burn damage caused by vandalism, which we think is a crime on a number of levels. But with a little work and love, this classic girl car will be someone’s new classy cruiser for some ravishing road trips. 

View all Bentley vehicles in Copart Canada’s inventory.

2019 Porsche Cayman S 

We love the lines and air flow of this sporty speedster. This particular model has a full Carbon GT4 upgrade kit, which includes a spoiler and other addons to maximize performance through aerodynamics. We’d love to find some lonely highway in the summer to grind through the gears and put this baby through its paces. Maybe you can live out our dream if you win the auction. 

View all Porsche vehicles in Copart Canada’s inventory.

2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder 

Black, sleek and sexy, this convertible is ready to make some memories. The yellow accents are also a nice touch on the middle of the seats and on the brakes. Set low to the ground for high performance handling, this is a track car with road privileges. Whomever takes home this angular wonder home and gets it retitled will win a royal title in our book. 

2013 Maserati Quattroportes S 

For those who want performance and elegance without the appearance of extravagance and opulence, there is this Maserati Quattroporte S. This four-door sedan is classy without being pretentious. We like the look and feel.

View all Maserati’s in Copart Canada’s inventory.

So that’s our quick review of the exotic cars available on Copart Canada. Whether you are looking for a dealer stock, daily drivers, restoration projects or parts cars, Copart Canada has you covered. Be sure to take a casual tour through our inventory sometime. We’ve learned over the years that you never know what rare treasures might show up at a great auction price. 

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