Copart Canada’s Bidding Tips

Copart Canada is here to give you some tips to make the most of your auction experience.

At Copart Canada, we want to make sure our Members have a great online auto auction experience. We want you to win the vehicles you want at the best price. To help you do that, we’re giving you tips to help you start buying with confidence.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Set your parameters. Before you place your first bid, consider the following:

  • What is my max budget?
  • Do I need this Vehicle? 
  • Have I looked at additional costs? Such as transportation and auction fees?

Be prepared by asking yourself these questions. It will help to reduce the number of potential surprises you encounter.

Know the Difference

Before you buy it’s important that you properly inspect the vehicle. You can take your inspection one step further by purchasing a Vehicle Condition Report, which gives you two videos, more photos and information about vehicle features. Here are the different definitions you should know:

  • Salvage title vehicles are totaled vehicles that usually need repairs in order to function. The extent of damage can vary from relatively minor damage to major repairs Irreparable vehicles generally mean that vehicle has water damage and in Canada this vehicle cannot go back on the roads.
  • An Irreparable vehicle can be used for parts or shipped internationally.
  • No Brand – Unfit vehicles need a safety to go on back on the roads. These vehicles typically have minimal damage. No water damage or structural damage.
  • Clean title vehicles are similar to used cars and are usually in better condition.
  • Run and Drive vehicles are vehicles that Copart has verified that at the time of arrival the vehicle started, could be put into gear and could move forward under its own power. There is no guarantee that the vehicle can be driven lawfully on the roadways and there is no guarantee, representation, or warranty that the vehicle will start, drive, or move forward under its own power at the time the vehicle is picked up at Copart’s location.

Browse Our No License Required Vehicles

Figuring out which vehicles you can bid on and buy without a business license can be a bit overwhelming. In Canada, No License Required vehicles are located in Alberta, but you are also able to bid on vehicles in certain parts of the U.S. So, do yourself a favor and take the guessing out of the game, browse the No License Required vehicle listing on and bid on hundreds of No License Required vehicles daily.  If you would like to learn more about what type of rules apply in each province, visit our licensing page.

Utilize the Vehicle Finder

Having access to over 4,000 vehicles daily to can be a bit overwhelming! With the Vehicle Finder you are able to search for vehicles by type, year, make, model and location. By giving the Copart Vehicle Finder a little information about what you want, it can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Check out Multiple Listings

Getting attached to a vehicle before and during the auction is never a good idea. Just because you bid on a vehicle doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win. If you continue to search though the listings on, you will never have to start over again. You will simply keep going.

When in Doubt: Buy It Now

If you’re feeling frustrated with auctions and need to take a break, try searching though some Buy It Now listings. These listings allow you to buy vehicles without the competition from other bidders.

Want to learn more about Copart Canada’s online auction experience? Visit our Resource Center for key information about Copart Canada.

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