Copart Canada Employee Spotlight: Michelle Walters

We sat down with Michelle Walters, also known as Mrs. Sanitizer, to talk about her role with Copart Canada.

Michelle Walters

Meet Michelle Walters, a Copart London Dispatcher. Copart Dispatchers are responsible for the timely and accurate dispatch of sub-haulers for vehicle pick-up and delivery while providing excellent service to customers

Michelle has been going above and beyond in her role as a Dispatcher at Copart London bringing a little fun into the safety procedures at Copart London. Michelle has taken on the role of “Mrs. Sanitizer” the Copart London Superhero that goes around multiple times a day providing additional cleaning to the Copart London yard to keep her coworkers, subhaulers, and Copart Members safe.

We asked Michelle a few questions about her experience at Copart to help members get to know her better and to explain her role at Copart Canada!

How long have you been with Copart?

I started with Copart Canada in September of 2017 as a receiver. In February of 2018 I was promoted to a Dispatcher

What is the best part of your job and why?

I enjoy working with all my co-workers in the office. Being a dispatcher, you can come in contact with lots of different personalities. You need to find a way to connect with them. For the most part drivers and I have the same goals in mind. To provide exceptional service to insurance companies and insurance on behalf of Copart. Copart is always finding ways to make the company stronger in their goal strategies.

What is your favorite Copart moment?

I wouldn’t say there is a favorite moment but a daily accumulation of moments. For me it’s the accomplishment of duties. Helping others, team spirit, satisfied clients and happy subhaulers.

Covid 19 has changed the way we go about our daily routine. It’s important to me to keep the office staff, subhaulers and client’s areas as safe as possible. Copart has been able to keep all us working, so I feel its right to do my part to help keep our doors open. I have five granddaughters that I need to get back to so I have no time to be sick!

Michelle has affectionately become known as the superhero “Mrs. Sanitizer” due to her many “cleaning visits” around the office at Copart London

Why should others work at Copart Canada?

Copart is a good company to work for as they promote within, provide good benefits, and training with understanding and open communication with Copart GM’s and office supervisors.

Michelle has made quite an impact on Copart London. General Manager Paula Di Domenico said:

“Michelle is great Copart team employee!  Michelle steps up when needed for extra work or to help plan activities such as Family Days and Subhaul Lunches. Through this Pandemic Michelle has stepped up to make sure that all staff and visitors can feel safe in our sanitized and clean facility and we cannot thank her enough for that!”

Interested in starting a career with Copart Canada? View employment opportunities here.

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